About Us


In 1921, two friends, (Al Mains and Cecil Ginsbert), were looking for a business opportunity.  They found a man who was looking for some investors for his shoe stores.  These men recognized that their chief competition was mail order operations like Montgomery Ward and Sears Roebuck.  To encourage their potential customers to shop in the local community, they thought of the name “Trade At Home”, later shortening it to “Tradehome”.

And so it was that Tradehome Shoes began in 1921, and the name Tradehome remains to this day.  Tradehome offers endless growth opportunities for individuals to work their way up through management, district management, regional supervision and buying positions.  All it takes is desire and hard work.  From two stores in 1921, to over 100 in 2015, the success of Tradehome’s survival and growth has been summed up by its former President, Donald Mains, in one word: PEOPLE.

2014 marks yet another evolution of the private ownership of Tradehome Shoes.  The ownership group, led by Pat Teal, has continued Tradehome’s tradition of investing in their people by becoming 100% ESOP owned.  An ESOP, short for Employee Stock Ownership Plan, is a qualified retirement plan that is invested primarily in the stock of the sponsoring company.  Through the plan, employees accrue ownership in Tradehome, allowing them to share in the success of the company.  Our success depends upon the fundamental relationship with employees: recruiting, retaining and rewarding the best talent.  Becoming an ESOP helps us with all three.  We rely on the sweat equity, ideas and time of our employees, and the ESOP rewards employees for their contributions to the success of Tradehome.

We offer the best selection of shoes and accessories at prices you can afford, a long tradition in our communities  and the opportunity for our employee owners to delight you with our service—that’s Tradehome Shoes.

When it comes to footwear and service,  there’s no place like Tradehome Shoes.


Our mission is to strive for the highest quality of service, teamwork and constant pursuit of excellence with the sole purpose of delighting our customers.