Do you own a pair of Hunter Rain boots that you love so much, but you’re not sure how to clean your Hunter boots that turned white from blooming?  After a few wears you may notice your boots need to be cleaned and will begin to have a white powdery texture on them.  Don’t worry, they’re not ruined.  It’s normal for Hunter boots to bloom, aka turn white. The good news is it’s also very easy to clean your Hunter boots once they have bloomed.  This tutorial will show you how to clean your Hunter boots to remove white bloom.


To clean your Hunter boots, dab a small amount of Cadillac “Rubber Renew”on a cleaning cloth and wipe the bloomed boots in a circular motion.  The “Rubber Renew” will begin to remove the white powdery texture.


Once finished, your Hunter boots will look brand new again!  You can’t prevent Hunter boots from blooming, since it’s a common occurrence in natural rubber, but this easy way to clean your Hunter boots is affordable and simple enough to routinely follow when they do bloom.

To keep Hunter rubber boots in optimum condition, we recommend Cadillac “Rubber Renew”. The liquid removes white marks, known as ‘bloom’. This is a common process, characteristic of high quality, natural rubber, in which insoluble particles rise to the surface.